Monday, 29 September 2014

Saging Repablik

Have you heard of Saging Repablik? Well for my Dabawenyo readers I'll bet yes and many of you might have gone there a couple or more, but don't fret 'cause this is more than the #CreateYourOwnBananaCue post. And to those who are outside Davao and are planning to visit the city might as well read this post, you might want to know what's the latest restaurant and dish that the dabawenyos are going crazy and bragging about.
Let me do the honors to introduce to you once again the Saging Repablik and the additions to their menu.
Saging Repablik has been 'the talk of the town' since the day it opened. With its great concept, both on the interior aspect --bringing in the unconventional rustic industrial design (high ceiling and large space, such a cool place to dine) and the distinct variety of food, it's not surprising why we love to dine there. 
Since Saging Repablik opened its door, several new dishes were introduce. They held a bloggers night were we had the first dibs to the new menu.
 Beer Batter Fish and Banana Chips.
So this is first that I tried, and it was downright impressive, in fact this goes to my numero uno. Mind you I'm not fond of eating fish dishes but this is exceptional. From the texture to the flavor it's extremely palatable.
 Chicken Cordon Bleu
 Sisag (Sisig and Saging)
Humbanana Cue (Humba and Banana Cue)
 Orange Walnut Chicken
 Afrinana (Afritada and Banana)
Pochero Con Saba

Those are just some of the new dishes released recently and it was all in all impressive. And knowing the creativity of the people behind SR, I wouldn't be surprised to see new dishes in no time. They're definitely on top of their game.

Of course after a delectable meal is a delightful dessert galore. So don't you dare close the window just yet haha.
 Banana Cue Cream Pie
 Frosted Double Gatchocolatto
 Or if you want to feel like a chef (whatever you call that) even for a while, create your own banana cue. Bring out that artistic side of you.
step 1. Choose your banana. Step 2. Choose dip or spreed. Step 3. Choose 3 toppings. Step 4. See your creations. 
Don't forget to take a photo of it and show it to the world #BananaRepablik #createyourownbananacue ;)
Farrah, Rien, and Moi. After a long long time, finally blogger beshies reunited. Missing the good old days of fashion blogging.
On the left lower corner is the merchandise store. All their stuff were pretty cool and what I loved most is their statement shirts, which I'll be wearing one of these days here on my blog :)
They have a great selection from t-shirts, to sweaters and to tank tops.
More of saging repablik merchandise.
Charm bracelets. I own one :) get yours too.
Whether it's a celebration or sort of catching up with friends, Saging Repablik is the place to be.

Tionko Avenue corner V. Mapa Street. Davao City
Contact No. (082) 285 9648
Instragarm: SagingRepablik

Friday, 26 September 2014

Hijo Banana Beach Resort (Tagum City)

Nowadays it's easy to get caught up with the stress brought by our work and lifestyle. With the toxins in my body piling due to the pollution of the buzzling city and uncontrollable variables, I can feel my body screaming for downtime. So when I got an invitation to explore the Banana Beach Resort, I know this is just what I badly needed, I immediately said yes.

Banana Beach is a casual, tropical-themed resort with native-inspired accommodations and a diverse range of activities including forest, plantation and river tours, water sports, and a night safari.

The resort is located at Tagum City which will take about an hour drive from the City of Davao.
They arranged a van transfer to and from Hijo Damosa Office for us.

Day Package Weekdays Php 1,200/head
Weekend / Holidays Php 1,500/head
For inquiries or private tours: Hijo Estates Zone C, Unit C-1 Damosa Complex, Lanang Davao City
Tel. Nos (+6382) 282-3662 and (+6382) 282-3757
Mobile Nos (+63917) 776-1936 and (+63917) 967-4377
Fax No. (+6382) 282-3833
As we arrived at the place, we were lead to The Spot a tranquil fishing pavilion which boasts a breathtaking view, sustainable architecture, and peaceful tranquility.  Fishers who visit the area can request for their catch to be made into a tasty meal, prepared among the cogon grass, anahaw trunks, and bamboo that makes up this stunning structure.

Mr. Sun was shining so bright but because we were surrounded with greenery the wind was cool and perfect for our tour.
We both had the forest tour and Plantation tour.
The staff were so friendly and accommodating.

For the Forest tour we got to see the wild life (monkeys of different clans, wild boars and big big igwana. On the other hand we failed to see the tarsiers and many more, yes you've read that right there are tarsiers here). We passed by the shoreline where we saw the Samal Island and Mati City -- Definitely we are in the Heart of Davao Gulf.
They also have perfect amenities for team building. You can go on trekking, walk by this hanging bridge or find yourself firing at fire range.  It was the right balance for adventure and leisure with peace and serenity. 
As you can see I'm currently sitting on this gigantic machinery that will be used for the soon to rise Hijo International Port which will be the Mindanao's Premier International Trade Getaway. It will cater 4 big ships (all at the same time) that will open more opportunities in trading industry. Expect a larger exportation and importation movements in 2015. You should really watch out for Tagum City, its development is fast taking shape.

As for the Plantation Tour it was full of learning. I get to learn more about agriculture, business and management. I've learned that Hijo doesn't only engage with developing lands but also they're into trading.
They have wide variety of products for exportation but these three are my favorites. The coco sugar which is perfectly safe alternative sugar for diabetic patient and the coco syrup as well. Fact about me: I don't drink soda, and whenever I'm sick my alternative remedy is Calamansi juice (rich in vitamin C) or even so just for chilling/lazy days drink, so this goes to my numero uno the Calamansi Puree. With this small bottle of Calamansi Puree it can make about 10 servings. Just a small amount of the puree added with water and ice cubes, you can have that perfect drink for you and your barkada.
This is the infinity pool with a bar in it that you can have all you can.

You can also enjoy the other water activities such as Banana Boat, Kayak, Skim Board, Paddle Board, Trampoline.

 Day tour is good but staying overnight is a much better idea. Trust me a day is not enough to enjoy all the amenities Banana Beach Resort has to offer to you. I know because I myself want to go back there as of this very moment haha (it's hard not to be caught up with good times you know).
 This is their air-conditioned casitas. Cabin style -- loved that you can wake up seeing the view through that large glass window.
This is what's inside the air-conditioned casitas. A classy sophisticated yet clean interior. I could live here, seriously!
Weekday rate 5,000Php
Weekend rate 6,000Php

They also have the native-inspired Casitas

Plantation Villas, a prime locale near the sand and sea, allows homeowners to claim their own piece of paradise. They're selling it per hectare.
Lanikai means 'heaven by the sea' is the Tuason family heritage home set within the sprawling Hijo Plantation, engineered for vacationers wanting privacy and luxury - so it's quite the most special place, every room costs 8,000php and if you'll get three rooms you can have the place just for you.
Part of the Lanikai is this infinity pool. It was a truly soulful escapade, the place surrounded by the beauty of nature, breathtaking view and luxurious amenities makes every penny worth it.
I got a time to relax before the cocktail event started.
I'll leave you guys with what the CEO of Hijo Estates Rosanna Tuason-Fores said "We can't predict the future, but we can create the future."

*Thank you Hijo Estate for the invitation, thank you my Davao Bloggers friends for this and to Dennis Li for some of the photos :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bear in a Balloon

I officially hit the 23rd mark-- Surely a lot have changed but there are also some things that stayed the same. Like my love for sweets balloons and teddy bears.

Before my boyfriend left for Jeddah we went to a mall where I saw a balloon stall. I was trying to give him a sign that I wanted a balloon on my birthday instead of flowers--I always prefer balloons on my birthday rather than flowers. There's just something in balloons that makes me happy, hence the hot air balloons as my header. In fact that's my numero uno on my bucket list. Going back, I know he'll send me flowers and boy I was right he gave me a bouquet of flowers. Good thing the heaven sent over the Junio store to grant my wish.

Earlier this sweet thing arrived at my door step. I.FELL.IN.LOVE with it. It's so adorable and I'm so 'kilig' <3. What's more amazing is that all i wanted is for a simple balloon but the heaven gave more than what I wished for A-Bear-in-a-Balloon. Ang saya lang sobra! Too cute to handle <3 This definitely made it to the best gift I received on my 23rd birthday. 
I often get messages from my guy friends asking for some help with regards to 'what would be a great gift for their girls during their birthday and/or anniversary'. I'd always go for the unconventional one, something you can't see at the mall, something you can't get during random days and best is something that will make everyone, may that be in the office, at the gym, or even at home envy your girl for having you as her boyfriend.

Also I can imagine your niece/nephew jump up and down or a sick friend feel better after seeing this. This one would never fail to show how big your love for anyone, I mean it's so big (literally though) and adorable that will catch anybody's attention and will make anyone smile.

Check out other stuff from Junio Store. You have to try their cake pops as well! Also my mom has two JS wear and you should get yours too! <3

 I can't help but smile every time I look at Potpot (that cutie patotie colorful bear haha pang.good vibes).

Follow @JunioStore on instagram
@lee_junio on instagram

Hey it's BER month already how time flies <3

Friday, 22 August 2014

Breeze ActivBleach calls on moms to join 1Laba Day

Breeze ActivBleach calls on moms to join 1Laba Day

Breeze ActivBleach is treating mommies across the country to a day off from their laundry chores with the simultaneous nationwide event 1Laba Day happening on August 28. Moms in barangays throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are invited to head to 1Laba Day venues and let Breeze’s revolutionary ActivBleach take care of their stained clothes while they take part in exciting activities Breeze has in store for them to celebrate every mother’s hard work and love for her family.

With 1 Laba Day, Breeze aims to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, which removes even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Participating moms can enjoy their ultimate laundry day-off as Breeze treats them to various entertainment activities, while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirpool and LG, will take care of washing their clothes.

Simultaneous 1Laba Day events will happen in Metro Manila (Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasay), North Luzon (Tarlac, Pangasinan), South Luzon (Laguna, Cavite), Visayas (Cebu), and Mindanao (Davao).

Breeze with ActivBleach is the first and only detergent brand with 4-enzyme technology to remove more types of stains with less effort and time. It even has a unique active system for better foam profile and quicker lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that takes out bleachable stains without harming the environment.

Be a part of the Breeze 1 Laba Day event and see for yourself how Breeze with ActivBleach removes 1 million stains in just one wash. Like the official Breeze Facebook page (@BreezePhilippines) and join the online promos to get the chance to win washing machines from partner brands. Consumers can also get free Breeze gift packs for every purchase of an Electrolux, Whirlpool and LG washing machine.


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