Monday, 18 August 2014

Mix n Magic

How are you guys doing? It's been so long, I know. My apologies, work has been so demanding with both time and energy. Moving on, my beloved Davao City celebrated Kadayawan festival. Luckily I got my 3 days off right on the dates of  the festivities. On my first day off I indulge into my ultimate love --chocolates, cakes and pasta.

I have been working so hard and the heavens might have noticed it that it sent this newly opened Mix n Magic store. I'm a self-confessed chocoholic so when I heard about their opening I was so thrilled. My friends from Gensan have nothing to say but good reviews regarding their cakes and that made me more curious and excited. So when i heard that they'll be opening a new store I immediately signed up for it. I'm so lucky that finally I got to taste not just one but a lot of their products (well thanks to the Davao Bloggers)

Warning: This will surely make you drool and hungry and to a certain point you might have a hard time sleeping after seeing these photos ---like I am now!
I went for a laid back outfit since it will be a long day for me.
Top: American Eagle | Shorts: Davcon Bazaar
Bag: dooney and bourke | Watch: G-shock | Flats: Forever21
This is the Rocky Road -- my personal favorite, it has the right balance of sweetness; I also love that there's cashew nuts and mallows to munch adding texture -- perfectly delightful.
Red velvet cupcake.

I'm totally lost for words so I'll let the photos do the talking for me. My own set of photos is distracting me. Enjoy! :)
Coffee crumble for all coffee lovers out there.
Mix n' Magic is happy to announce that they are serving pasta as well. Lasagna would have to be my favorite that I managed to go back three times for it. Hopefully by October they'll be ready to serve you both "for here and to go".
They also do catering service.
 The moment I walked in to the room, my eyes grew wide open and my heart was jumping in happiness. It felt like I was in heaven with all these yummy treats, I'm such a sucker for sweets, pardon me haha.
This Cashew Raisin tart went beyond my expectation. It's really delicious.
They have the best pastillas I have tasted so far. I wish i had those beside me right now.
This is the opera cake, it's made of dark chocolate. It has a bitter sweet taste and for a dark chocolate lover like me this would be good too.
Truffles! I was so giddy when I say this, I mean who doesn't love truffles?
And for the finale chocolate mousse! It was definitely worth every calories.
So if you have an upcoming parties and events, I think you should really give this a try. They're known to be one of the best cake makers in Gensan, in fact they made the birthday cake of Manny Pacquiao before. Also the price is reasonable and even cheaper compared to any other shops.

Visit Mix N' Magic at #702 Tionko Avenue Davao City
that's beside Dampa Davao near Banko Sentral

There's more in every 200 peso purchase free 1 item :)
don't forget to say the magic word "DAWN VILLAHERMOSA"

have a great week guys <3

Friday, 6 June 2014

Island Hopping (Samal Island)

Summer's over but in a tropical country like the Philippines it will always feel like summer. 
I'm glad I live in a place where it's only 10 minutes drive from the beach.

This summer we went sailing with the local ride called "bangka".
As much as I love the drink-on-my-hand-feet-on-the-sand shore scene, I'm also into this island hopping adventure thing.
I'll run down the reasons why.
I just love the cool wind while sailing -- and oh not to mention its dramatic effect on this photo lol.
All aboard and ready to sail!
Just for a matchy-matchy outfit
Yes that's boyfriend's Oakley Xquared flash lens. Sailing with him on the Islands surrounding our very own Davao City. 
Chillin like a villain
His favorite pair of adventure gear. Ughhh I don't know what's with this combo that this is always his go to wear when we go for adventures. Just a little trivia he has a collection of board shorts and he's more brand conscious than me.
Beach outing will never be complete without this one -- well at least for us who loves to cook and grill and of course eat :))
Basically this is what Island Hopping adventure life is "Sail-swim-cook-eat-rest/sleep- sail(to the next destination) then repeat", its as cool as that.
Bikini: Dorothy Perkins
Partners in life partners in crime <3
Perfect thirst quencher on a perfect view shared with my chubby boo ( peace billyboy haha) 
When in a beautiful beach like this, I just can't help to pose :)) Anyway I'm a beach bum and I always find beach to be one of the best getaways especially after stressful moments in life.
Enjoying our sun-kissed skin.
At our backs is the Beautiful Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Hello there pearl farm thank you for the 3days and 2nights accommodation :)

To all my readers out there just a little reminder, it's not bad to have fun once in a while especially when you know that you deserve it. 
Let's enjoy life guys! 
Talk to you on my next post.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Touchdown Bohol

Hello! Its been awhile. How was your summer going?
Last week I went to Cebu and Bohol together with Billy and his family. It's my second time to go there. As much as I wanted to share to you about it I'm afraid that will have to wait, to make way for this long over due travel post. This post will be about my first time, this took place late part last year around October.
 My family and I went to Bohol a week before the magnitude intensity 7 hit the place. It was my first time there, also I consider myself blessed that I got to see the beauty of Bohol before that heart-breaking tragedy happened. We stayed there for 3days and 2 nights. We spent the first day getting to know some of the relatives and then we attended a concert late at night. On our second day we went to some tourist spots and that's what I'm going to share to you :)

 Pardon me for my super duper laid back outfit (pambahay ootd). Initially I've planned to wear sundress but one of my cousins advised me not to; second when we saw a souvenir shop we bought different items such as shirts -- of course I got one shirt for myself too. I immediately used it, I figured there's no better time to wear that statement shirt than that day and in that place --so tadaaa.... Besides, fashion is one way of self expression right? And that shirt just says it all. :))

The weather had been bipolar but nothing had stopped us from having our touristy mode on. We went up to Mt. Carmen to see the chocolate hills and I'm glad I did the right choice to be in the most comfortable outfit.
We decided to walk until we reached that place. I thought that's it but to my surprise we still have to climb a very steep stairs to reach the peak. It was grueling but worth it.
My mom said it's prettier during summer 'cause it turns brown but nonetheless it was nothing short of a breathtaking view.  
Floating Restaurant at Loboc River
Loboc Church and Museum
One of the Oldest Church that was also badly hit by that intensity 7.2 magnitude earthquake :(

 Top: Souvenir Shop | Shorts: Giordano | Flipflops: Ipanema

Bohol will always have a special place in my heart and I will keep coming back that's for sure <3

Keep posted about my recent travel to Bohol-- more places and more detailed promise! :)

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